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hong kong graffiti - tai hangwould tai hang be the same without a bit of wheatpaste every now & then?

plates around town

can’t help myself, i have to add some of the better vanity plates i’ve seen lately here. although people clearly take their cars seriously here, but at least they have a bit of a sense of humor about the plate.

hong kong car plate - mom hong kong car plate - dude hong kong car plate - toasty hong kong car plate - kong hong kong car plate - air hong kong car plate - waiting

hanging around

taikoo shing has far edgier artwork outside than inside. guessing the curators didn’t plan on this piece of hong kong graffiti.

hong kong graffiti - taikoo shing

autumn in hong kong

i miss seeing the trees turn during the fall in the northeast (of the u.s.). guess this is as close as i come in hong kong.

hong kong graffiti - trees

a monster lurks in tst

hong kong graffiti - monster

look up

hong kong graffiti on a building


some hong kong graffiti on graffiti tagging going on in cwb.

bring me home

anyone missing a child…?

hong kong graffit - baby

the combo of stencil and freestyle works well here. anyone recognize the artist signature?

stick together


Hong kong graffit - stick together team

all they have is money

adding to unar & the hong kong dessert place’s appeal is the new tai hang graffiti that popped up. looks like we have a neighborhood philosopher on our hands, but with all the flashy cars around the ‘hood, i don’t quite think the message is getting through.

tai hang hong kong graffiti - trash            tai hang hong kong graffiti - duo    tai hang hong kong graffiti - wordstai hang hong kong graffiti - facebook

sheung wan shooting

i was meeting a friend for lunch on a street in sheung wan i hadn’t been in a while & found someone’s new hong kong graffiti campaign.

seems like there are two big themes going on in the area: chicken & guns. odd combo to say the least.

sheung wan - hong kong graffiti - chicken      sheung wan - hong kong graffiti - run

sheung wan - hong kong graffiti - bird

& on to the hong kong graffiti guns …sheung wan - hong kong graffiti - gun sheung wan - hong kong graffiti - camera sheung wan - hong kong graffiti - shoot
sheung wan - hong kong graffiti - bomb

is it just me or do the bombs kind of look like birds at first glance? anyway, not sure why all the guns were necessary, but love the reverse stencil concept.