plates around town

can’t help myself, i have to add some of the better vanity plates i’ve seen lately here. although people clearly take their cars seriously here, but at least they have a bit of a sense of humor about the plate.

hong kong car plate - mom hong kong car plate - dude hong kong car plate - toasty hong kong car plate - kong hong kong car plate - air hong kong car plate - waiting

mobile messages

so not quite hong kong graffiti, but cars with ridiculous license plates (or are just ridiculous themselves) are just begging to have their photo snapped. here are four i caught in my ‘hood. the “u wish” deserves its own award for pretentiousness.

Hong Kong Graffiti - Hong kong cars - wish Hong Kong Graffiti - Hong kong cars - waiting

Hong Kong Graffiti - Hong kong cars - royal Hong Kong Graffiti - Hong kong cars - bling

have you seen any other good plates roaming the streets of hong kong lately?