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hong kong graffiti - tai hangwould tai hang be the same without a bit of wheatpaste every now & then?

update: martians have landed

just a quick hong kong graffiti update. the people behind the llama wheat paste creations that now decorate tin hau & tai hang (among many other hk locales), just got in touch. the group calls themselves “the martians” & these “aliens”  say that they come in peace & using “the universal language – art, to express messages to you.” far more interesting idea than the usual spaceship landing.

hong kong graffiti - cao ni ma

you can check out their fb page to see more of their commentaries around hk.

mobile messages

so not quite hong kong graffiti, but cars with ridiculous license plates (or are just ridiculous themselves) are just begging to have their photo snapped. here are four i caught in my ‘hood. the “u wish” deserves its own award for pretentiousness.

Hong Kong Graffiti - Hong kong cars - wish Hong Kong Graffiti - Hong kong cars - waiting

Hong Kong Graffiti - Hong kong cars - royal Hong Kong Graffiti - Hong kong cars - bling

have you seen any other good plates roaming the streets of hong kong lately?

urban inspiration

i walk by this hong kong graffiti quote almost every day outside a construction site between king’s & electric road in tin hau. thankfully i finally remembered to stop & get a picture.

hong kong graffiti in tin hau

not sure if this completely qualifies as graffiti (well, neither did my last hong kong graffiti post), but love it anyway. the quotation marks around “beat” always remind me to visit one of my favorite — and truly nerdy — websites, the “blog” of “unnecessary” quotation marks.

king’s road revival

although it’s fun to catch art around the city (or asia), also good to see tin hau getting some hong kong graffiti love. caught this one across king’s road. if you weren’t sure this wheatpaste was a start from zero piece by looking at it, they also signed it (see the close up).


no idea how these guys managed to put this up on such a busy road, but happy this is there though since the cheeky take on the hong kong construction logo that used to be in that spot (image below) faded a while ago.