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not always easy to find more than your typical tourist street art in penang but found a few gems of malay street art & penang graffiti during a quick wander before my friend’s wedding. amazing range here from beaututiful freestyle street art to very clearly politically motivated graffiti (stencil and freestyle) reflecting some of the current tensions in malaysia — even in the sleepy seaside island. 

 pengang street art -  dancer  
pengang street art -  graffiti stencil  
 pengang street art -  mouth  
pengang street art -  man with boat

two by two

some well-planned singapore graffiti from the hdb flats near holland village.

Singapore graffiti - twins Singapore graffiti - one world

welcome to singapore (graffiti)

i recently moved to singapore where sadly i assume i’ll find far less (interesting) graffiti. that said, i’m off to a good start though with these. if you know of any place in sing for me to check out with good graffiti though, let me know! singapore graffiti - face singapore graffiti - pourlove the pixilated graffti can here!

back to tai hang

hong kong graffiti - tai hangwould tai hang be the same without a bit of wheatpaste every now & then?

hanging around

taikoo shing has far edgier artwork outside than inside. guessing the curators didn’t plan on this piece of hong kong graffiti.

hong kong graffiti - taikoo shing

autumn in hong kong

i miss seeing the trees turn during the fall in the northeast (of the u.s.). guess this is as close as i come in hong kong.

hong kong graffiti - trees

a monster lurks in tst

hong kong graffiti - monster

look up

hong kong graffiti on a building


some hong kong graffiti on graffiti tagging going on in cwb.

bring me home

anyone missing a child…?

hong kong graffit - baby

the combo of stencil and freestyle works well here. anyone recognize the artist signature?

stick together


Hong kong graffit - stick together team