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not always easy to find more than your typical tourist street art in penang but found a few gems of malay street art & penang graffiti during a quick wander before my friend’s wedding. amazing range here from beaututiful freestyle street art to very clearly politically motivated graffiti (stencil and freestyle) reflecting some of the current tensions in malaysia — even in the sleepy seaside island. 

 pengang street art -  dancer  
pengang street art -  graffiti stencil  
 pengang street art -  mouth  
pengang street art -  man with boat

actual sg graffiti

rarely do you see actually graffiti in singapore, & more rarely of the bit you do see is it ever freestyle. clearly someone in river valley is a risk taker.


even parking lots are cool in oz

was in perth for the weekend. what does the parking lot across for the cool-kid hangout serving only (meet-craving inducing) grass-fed burgers with gourmet toppings? a bit of graffiti-cum-street-art. this stuff was clearly commissioned so calling it australian graffiti is pushing it but couldn’t pass up a few picts.  (does the building-tall red/back/white one feel like a parking lot take on religious art to anyone else?)

perth street art australia street art graffiti colors

perth street art australia street art graffiti man boyperth street art australia street art graffiti panoperth street art australia street art graffiti woman face perth street art australia street art graffiti complete perth street art australia street art graffiti detailperth street art australia street art graffiti 2perth street art australia street art graffiti 1

more than caving

was in kuching for a weekend of caving. stumbled on a great restaurant down a tiny ally next to bishop’s gate, which also sported an amazing assortment of graffiti. sadly the bar didn’t have any info about who lent their paint cans to this. can still enjoy the freestyle skills though.  


bit of bali

not a bad graffiti / bali wall art spot & shoot from a back of a scooter. hoping to find more good stuff next trip.


another hong kong weekend, another hk graffiti shoot


two by two

some well-planned singapore graffiti from the hdb flats near holland village.

Singapore graffiti - twins Singapore graffiti - one world

more pixels

graffiti & pixels in the middle of the city. who says singapore graffiti doesn’t exit?Singapore Graffiti - Two PeopleSingapore Graffiti - One Person

Singapore Graffiti - building Singapore Graffiti - dragon Singapore Graffiti - red

welcome to singapore (graffiti)

i recently moved to singapore where sadly i assume i’ll find far less (interesting) graffiti. that said, i’m off to a good start though with these. if you know of any place in sing for me to check out with good graffiti though, let me know! singapore graffiti - face singapore graffiti - pourlove the pixilated graffti can here!

a monster lurks in tst

hong kong graffiti - monster