back to penang

not always easy to find more than your typical tourist street art in penang but found a few gems of malay street art & penang graffiti during a quick wander before my friend’s wedding. amazing range here from beaututiful freestyle street art to very clearly politically motivated graffiti (stencil and freestyle) reflecting some of the current tensions in malaysia — even in the sleepy seaside island. 

 pengang street art -  dancer  
pengang street art -  graffiti stencil  
 pengang street art -  mouth  
pengang street art -  man with boat

a dangerous run

someone posted this bit of stencil work on my usual singapore running path. guessing they feel the same way about running as i do. 


another hong kong weekend, another hk graffiti shoot


hanging around

taikoo shing has far edgier artwork outside than inside. guessing the curators didn’t plan on this piece of hong kong graffiti.

hong kong graffiti - taikoo shing

stick together


Hong kong graffit - stick together team

sheung wan shooting

i was meeting a friend for lunch on a street in sheung wan i hadn’t been in a while & found someone’s new hong kong graffiti campaign.

seems like there are two big themes going on in the area: chicken & guns. odd combo to say the least.

sheung wan - hong kong graffiti - chicken      sheung wan - hong kong graffiti - run

sheung wan - hong kong graffiti - bird

& on to the hong kong graffiti guns …sheung wan - hong kong graffiti - gun sheung wan - hong kong graffiti - camera sheung wan - hong kong graffiti - shoot
sheung wan - hong kong graffiti - bomb

is it just me or do the bombs kind of look like birds at first glance? anyway, not sure why all the guns were necessary, but love the reverse stencil concept.

free in hong kong

hong kong graffiti - death is free

although nothing else might be free in hong kong, at least this person’s political opinion via hong kong graffiti is.

tai hang updated

clearly someone got a bit bored of the usual hong kong graffiti decorations in tai hang and grabbed some wheat paste to do something about it. the llama/草泥马 (cao ni ma) looks like a start from zero creation, but not sure about the others though. thoughts?

hong kong graffiti - cao ni ma hong kong graffiti - llama

around the corner from one of the best afternoon tea set in hong kong.

thankfully the nearest happy meal is a few minute walk away…
hong kong graffiti - hungry

know this person?
hong kong graffiti - dude

hong kong graffiti - hair

okay, i’m cheating a little and this last hong kong graffiti pict. it was taken just over the border from tai hang in causeway bay; i still love the multi-color afro nonetheless.

happy times in happy valley

with school starting (school = hkust mba program) there hasn’t been a ton of time to post, but will try to my best to make up for lost pages now. with the races back (yes, there was time for the races of posting on here) i snapped a couple of picts in happy valley. first set here are from the underground pedestrian passage.

hk graffiti - happy valley walkwayhk graffiti - happy valley walkway 2hk graffiti - happy valley walkway man

this set were snapped along my walk home just north of the track. the first one looks like a graphics airlines tag.

hong kong graffiti - pole in happy valley hong kong graffiti - happy valley - animalhong kong graffiti - happy valley - eye

thai graffiti

although no excuse for slacking on posting, i did abscond to chaing mai, thailand for four weeks in june/july to get my yoga teacher certification (woohoo!). ever on the lookout for graffiti, found a couple of good examples.

for these images, the first three are on wualai rd, near wat srisuphan (aka the silver temple — see a silver temple photo gallery). that street is also where you’ll find chiang mai’s saturday market. last thai graffiti pict is near a great veggie restaurant called taste of heaven where i took an awesome vegetarian cooking class (veggie pad thai and spring rolls anyone?).

for the last two, the second to last is the saturday market which had some great local crafts & street-side foot massages. the last pict is my yoga teacher cert from yoga institute/wise living yoga for proof i wasn’t just eating pad thai for a month. i’m pretty excited to start teaching in hk.

there was actually a ton more great thai graffiti in chiang mai, but all too often i passed it in a songtail &/or tuk tuk, so i couldn’t get a good shot. guess that just means i’ll have to go back.