sheung wan shooting

i was meeting a friend for lunch on a street in sheung wan i hadn’t been in a while & found someone’s new hong kong graffiti campaign.

seems like there are two big themes going on in the area: chicken & guns. odd combo to say the least.

sheung wan - hong kong graffiti - chicken      sheung wan - hong kong graffiti - run

sheung wan - hong kong graffiti - bird

& on to the hong kong graffiti guns …sheung wan - hong kong graffiti - gun sheung wan - hong kong graffiti - camera sheung wan - hong kong graffiti - shoot
sheung wan - hong kong graffiti - bomb

is it just me or do the bombs kind of look like birds at first glance? anyway, not sure why all the guns were necessary, but love the reverse stencil concept.

new buildings in central

thanks to the guys at g.o.d for this new addition to hong kong graffiti.hong kong graffiti - buildings in central

free in hong kong

hong kong graffiti - death is free

although nothing else might be free in hong kong, at least this person’s political opinion via hong kong graffiti is.

edible art

although i’ll admit that i went in with pretty low expectations of the “art” that was going to grace our table at mandarin grill + bar as part of the art hk 2012 menu. i ate my words — literally & figuratively — as the courses came rolling out.

you can read my full review on “art hk 2012: edible art“, but had to share the images from the graffiti-inspired course here. (also read the full piece to see images of the dessert course that absolutely blew me away.)

ART HK12 Menu - hong kong graffiti - wall full

ART HK12 Menu - hong kong Graffiti - cropped

the course in the photos is based on the concept of a graffiti-covered berlin wall. the “wall” is made of foie gras & brioche, & the combination’s topped with an edible sugar-based sheet that’s the canvas for the graffiti. the portion could easily feed two, but can’t really hold that against it.

even if you’re “not an art fan” (although it seems like just about everyone is professing love for some art form or another leading up to art hk 2012) this is a piece of creativity that you’ll still be able to get behind.

(although i did take my own photos, these are courtesy of the mandarin grill + bar since they’re so much better than mine for this hong kong graffiti post.)

magic eye

magic eye graffiti in central

feel like someone’s watching you in central? might be more than the person on the next bar stool.

graffiti playground

although a quick walk from my office to the taco truck (a lunch staple since it soft opened a few weeks ago in central), it’s relaxing to take a few minutes in what i’ve dubbed “the playground” — that random area between pottinger st. & wo on lane/lkf — to see if any new hong kong graffiti has popped up.

there’s a ton there that has been up for a while but these relatively new/less old ones caught my eye. i particularly love the man sitting done on wheatpaste.