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hong kong graffiti - tai hangwould tai hang be the same without a bit of wheatpaste every now & then?

look up

hong kong graffiti on a building


some hong kong graffiti on graffiti tagging going on in cwb.

update: martians have landed

just a quick hong kong graffiti update. the people behind the llama wheat paste creations that now decorate tin hau & tai hang (among many other hk locales), just got in touch. the group calls themselves “the martians” & these “aliens”  say that they come in peace & using “the universal language – art, to express messages to you.” far more interesting idea than the usual spaceship landing.

hong kong graffiti - cao ni ma

you can check out their fb page to see more of their commentaries around hk.

tai hang updated

clearly someone got a bit bored of the usual hong kong graffiti decorations in tai hang and grabbed some wheat paste to do something about it. the llama/草泥马 (cao ni ma) looks like a start from zero creation, but not sure about the others though. thoughts?

hong kong graffiti - cao ni ma hong kong graffiti - llama

around the corner from one of the best afternoon tea set in hong kong.

thankfully the nearest happy meal is a few minute walk away…
hong kong graffiti - hungry

know this person?
hong kong graffiti - dude

hong kong graffiti - hair

okay, i’m cheating a little and this last hong kong graffiti pict. it was taken just over the border from tai hang in causeway bay; i still love the multi-color afro nonetheless.

the man behind “fei”

spent the day in ngau tau kok (牛頭角) & kwun tong (觀塘區) with the guys from secret tours hk checking out some of the local artists who moved into the area’s abandoned factories. while we were walking around we found some great pieces by start from zero (which has a studio in the area), graphic airlines & 308 tattoo workshop.

the first two images were by the 308 (imagine what their tats looks like) on how ming street. the second one was hidden in the corner of a parking lot on tai yip street by hidden agenda. the last image on the top row is of fei from graphic airlines.

we stop into the graphic airlines studio & meet with tat who explained that he created fei (“fat”) to represent hong kong’s overconsumption. something to think about next time you see this image on a random wall around the city.

although the studio was a lot of fun to poke around with a ton of great pieces on just about every surface in there, my favorite thing there was the bike-cum-panda suit (image six).

the final picts are just two quick ones from the walk today — not exactly the glass & steel you see in central.

macau graffiti: round 2

had to take some guests from out of town to macau & managed to find a who new set of graffiti there (click to see macau graffiti from my last trip). i left them to take picts of the church while i went & snapped these by beco de roma.

all children of the ’80s have to love the ode to gameboy, & i’m a big fan of the skeleton. take a closer look at the details on that one, it’s pretty cool. (& yes, at least that one is a start from zero work. who knew they did more than hong kong graffiti?)

king’s road revival

although it’s fun to catch art around the city (or asia), also good to see tin hau getting some hong kong graffiti love. caught this one across king’s road. if you weren’t sure this wheatpaste was a start from zero piece by looking at it, they also signed it (see the close up).


no idea how these guys managed to put this up on such a busy road, but happy this is there though since the cheeky take on the hong kong construction logo that used to be in that spot (image below) faded a while ago.


we don’t need no education

was walking in sheung wan & it turned, more or less, into a hunt for start from zero’s work. guessing the sfz guys are pink floyd fans — those first three wheatpaste picts were dotted along queen’s road. the fourth pict of the empty space was interesting since it looked like one of the construction logo knock-off (image 5, from tin hau) used to be there.

if you look behind the space in image four, you’ll see a ribbon. got a close up it — a sfz calling card.

had to include the final pict of a pawn shop that i shot near one of the odes to floyd. with the shadows across it, it seemed like something that you’d see in an old hong kong film.

magic eye

magic eye graffiti in central

feel like someone’s watching you in central? might be more than the person on the next bar stool.

to the races

to avoid the crowds when walking from causeway bay to happy valley i ducked behind a row of houses & found these (cheeky) free-style hong kong graffiti pictures.

to go back to “sesame street” days & play “which one’s not like the others”, the last image here only belongs with the set due to geography: it’s done on what looks like a kind of paste & the image is pretty complex, it looks almost painted on.