welcome to singapore (graffiti)

i recently moved to singapore where sadly i assume i’ll find far less (interesting)¬†graffiti. that said, i’m off to a good start though with these. if you know of any place in sing for me to check out with good graffiti though, let me know!¬†singapore graffiti - face singapore graffiti - pourlove the pixilated graffti can here!

back to tai hang

hong kong graffiti - tai hangwould tai hang be the same without a bit of wheatpaste every now & then?

plates around town

can’t help myself, i have to add some of the better vanity plates i’ve seen lately here. although people clearly take their cars seriously here, but at least they have a bit of a sense of humor about the plate.

hong kong car plate - mom hong kong car plate - dude hong kong car plate - toasty hong kong car plate - kong hong kong car plate - air hong kong car plate - waiting

hanging around

taikoo shing has far edgier artwork outside than inside. guessing the curators didn’t plan on this piece of hong kong graffiti.

hong kong graffiti - taikoo shing

autumn in hong kong

i miss seeing the trees turn during the fall in the northeast (of the u.s.). guess this is as close as i come in hong kong.

hong kong graffiti - trees

a monster lurks in tst

hong kong graffiti - monster

look up

hong kong graffiti on a building


some hong kong graffiti on graffiti tagging going on in cwb.

ghoulish graffiti

hong kong graffiti - skull hong kong graffiti - body hong kong graffiti - words hong kong graffiti - bart

bring me home

anyone missing a child…?

hong kong graffit - baby

the combo of stencil and freestyle works well here. anyone recognize the artist signature?

stick together


Hong kong graffit - stick together team